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Sygnard offers modern,
high-end Art Deco style interiors

Sygnard has set itself the goal to instill values and create harmony to improve people’s lives through customized, modern, and luxurious Art Deco furniture. We passionately believe that an inspiring environment is imperative for our well-being, whether in a private or a business environment. However, everyone has a different idea about a pleasing ambiance, such a concept therefore has no predefined norms. Hence, we offer our clients customized solutions, while keeping their individuality and personal needs in mind. Thus, we add a genuine sense of sophisticated luxury to their interiors.

A Sense of Luxury

What do you associate with luxury? Premium and sophisticated materials, elegance, finesse, comfort, a sense of splendor? Our products meet all these demands.
A distinctive piece of Art Deco furniture can please the eye and heart. Decorative luxury accessory pieces render your ambiance unique, to impress your guests.

Modern Art Deco

Our main inspiration is the French Art déco style that emerged in the 1920s. This trend was a homage to industrial design which left behind the convoluted curves and pleasing pastel colors of the Art Nouveau period to employ clearer forms and more trendy color choices. The eclectic Art Deco expresses a refined urban desire while emphasizing functionality and beauty at the same time. Sygnard passionately implements these classic features while we always endorse the style of our customers.

Customized Furniture

We produce luxury furniture for our clients with outstanding precision, which, beyond the applied modern elements, recall the values of a classical period. Discover our Art Deco dining tables with the matching seating, as well as our Art Deco commodes and breathtaking bookshelf variety! Create a unique, exclusive atmosphere in your bedroom with a luxury double bed and/or an appealing night table!

Choose elegant high-end design with handcrafted luxury Art Deco furniture made of carefully selected exotic woods!

Breathtaking Accessories

The forms created by the reinterpreted style are virtually irresistible. Each accessory of ours speaks for itself. An exclusively designed Art Deco sculpture will make any space shine, just like a dramatic, expressive picture or an Art Deco vase. Delve into our offer!